So You Want to Homeschool . . . Now What?

Down the Rabbit Hole of Different Theories of Learning

So You Want To Homeschool

So I’m 100% sure that homeschooling is the right decision for our family.  As our boys get older and their personalities and need evolve, then of course we will reassess as needed.   But for now, I’m all in baby.   I’m a competent, well adjusted, educated adult.  I think, I’m capable of educating our two children.  In fact, I’m more than capable.  No one knows our two children better than me.  And no one spends more time with them than me. Who better to educate them than me?

Now here’s where it gets real.  It’s the question of “What do I do all day?”  I though this would be pretty straightforward. You write a lesson plan do a loose schedule for each day and your done.  To me education should be fun and simple.  But as I started to research homeschooling, I found that several “experts” in children’s education believe it to be anything but simple.  There are several different theories of learning.  Researchers and philosophers have influenced homeschoolers.  I was a little taken aback by all the different theories of learning out there.  I was also surprised how much some homeschoolers seemed to identify with a particular learning philosophy.  It was more than a little mysterious to me.

The only theory of learning that I knew what the Montessori Method.   My siblings and I attended a Montessori preschool and  Kindergarten and my mom was a big believer in what Montessori programs had to offer.  But that was the only one I knew about.  When I began researching homeschooling I began to hear about Charlotte Mason from one person and then I would hear someone rave about the Unschooling method.  I was confused to say the  least.

So for my own sake and maybe for yours I will give a brief list of some of the ideas popular with homeschoolers.  I guess it will hep me wrap my head around the ideas and make sense of them.  I’m not really sure which method of learning I’m leaning towards yet.




That’s all for now!