What To Look for in Day Care Centers and Preschools

Here are some important qualities to look for when considering teachers, classrooms, and instruction. Teachers: In quality day car centers and preschools teachers: Keeps a well-run, orderly classroom that also encourages children to participate in and enjoy learning Use many creative ways to  help children learn language and learn the knowledge and skills that will […]

What Children Should Be Able to Do By Age 3

The following is a list of accomplishments that you can except for your child be age 3.  This list is based on research in the fields of reading, early childhood education, and child development.  Remember, that children don’t develop and learn at the same pace and in the same way.  Your child may be more […]

Reading to Your Child

Tips for Helping Children Learn How to Love Reading

Make reading a pleasure.  Read to your child in a comfortable place.  Have your child sit on your lap or next to you so that he can see and point to the print and the pictures.  Show him that reading is fun and rewarding. Show enthusiasm as you read with your child.  Read the story […]

Reading with Infants + Toddlers

Birth Through Age 2

What to Do at Home: Talking to and reading to infants and toddlers are two good ways to prepare them for later success in reading. Talk To Your Child: Begin talking and singing to your child from birth.  Your baby loves hearing your voice.  Play peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake.  Recite nursery rhymes or other verses that […]

What Children Should Be Able to Do by Age 5

If you are like me you like, no – correction, LOVE lists.  I loves lists.  Looking at a list is a quick and easy way to figure out what you need to accomplish.  When it comes to early childhood education there are a ton of list out there that will give you helpful guideline on […]